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As the fitted storage specialists, our solutions have been relied on by people from all walks of life and those with varying budgets. Our bedroom installations are particularly renowned, with our made-to-measure fitted wardrobes delivering the organisation and space saving our customers need to really make the most of their spaces. While many of our custom installations are hinged, our bedroom sliding doors provide a great alternative for customers looking for a design that’s a little different.

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Our bedroom sliding door systems are designed, handcrafted and installed with the same attention to detail and high quality materials, with a wide range of colours, internal layouts and finishing touches to choose from. Here at Bergari, we put craftsmanship first. Everything we so proudly put our name to is bespoke, with our passionate, family-run business boasting an enviable reputation for creating the inspiring spaces and solutions that satisfy every need and every budget.

Bergari bedroom sliding doors deliver space efficiency and sleek, contemporary finishes for rooms of all sizes and styles. Sliding systems suit and unlock benefits in both small and large areas, with bedrooms that are smaller in size no longer needing to forfeit essential floor space every time storage is accessed. Our sliding doors are built to last and easy to operate. The interior of your sliding storage is also completely bespoke, with a long list of layouts ensuring a personalised space both inside and out, whether you opt for full cabinetry or just the essentials.

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Bedroom sliding doors from Bergari

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