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Kitchen styles and designs from Bergari

Whether it’s cooking up a storm, socialising, dining or a mix of everything that’s your main focus, the one-size-fits-all kitchen styles and designs provided elsewhere just won’t do. Many of the swishiest fitted kitchens use standard size units and fill in the gaps with panels, which is an incredible waste of space. Make the most of every inch with our bespoke kitchen styles and designs. From kitchen door fronts and base units to worktops, internal storage and hardware, everything in a Bergari kitchen is bespoke. That’s right, each and every bit of your kitchen can be designed and crafted with your unique needs and individual style preferences in mind.

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As the heart of any home and the hub of family life, the kitchen has to be practically perfect in every way. Your chosen kitchen should complement the contours of the room, with the design, appliances, food preparation zones and dining areas working in complete harmony. As well as being functional and flowing, the design should be in tune with your style. Bergari kitchen cupboards are constructed using 18mm MFC board. You’ll also have more than 300 different finishes to choose from to turn your bespoke kitchen dreams into a reality.

Our customisation options don’t end there. Explore our extensive kitchen door catalogue – which features acrylic faced, painted and lacquered MDF, vinyl and foil wrapped, glass, and veneered and solid wood doors – to discover your desired, custom finish before our team gets to work crafting your fronts in our factory. Our premium worktops and base units are personalised with every project too, ensuring a finish that you’ll fall in love with every day.

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Kitchen styles and designs from Bergari

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